Create a survey with SurveyMonkey

Once in a while, you need to collect opinions of other people in a nice way. One of the options is to create a survey on Survey Monkey. Here are the steps I did to create (and manage) a survey Log in This is the first step. You’ll need to create an account. They offer […]

Wooden language

Here’s a sample of wooden language (noise in other words), which one could use instead of lorem ipsum or try to generate using a silly algorithm: I think this article represents a paradigm shift in a dynamic marketplace. As a whole, I see where the author is coming from, but I don’t really agree with […]

Install Tomcat with Nginx on Ubuntu 13.04 (Server)

In the past weeks I have rebuilding my linux server after a botched upgrade. I used this opportunity to add a few more niceties to the linux install, like Tomcat and replacing Apache with Nginx. TL;DR: It almost works out of the box, but both Tomcat and Nginx require a bit of tweaking. Note: I […]

Some sleep advice

Important! This info comes from reddit and I’m putting it here just as a memory dump, because I’m sure I’ll forget the link. ——- Water Absolutely important: drink a TON of water. Grab a water bottle ([…] e.g. insulated bottle with a sealable nipple […]) and always have it full. Try to drink at least […]

Steps to set up django on openshift with python 2.7

NB: This article is a bit dated. It’s just a memory dump for me to recall all the steps I had to do to deploy django on OpenShift. The steps I’ve followed were: Set up OpenShift on your computer Create an app using the diy image:

Add the django instance off github

Push […]